Instrumental Classes

Classes are offered for:-

  • All bowed string instruments with instrument specific and open strings classes
  • Wind instruments with open classes and specific classes for Clarinet, Oboe, Flute and Recorder
  • Brass instruments with open classes

Many classes are own choice repertoire, allowing performers to play what appeals to them and what suits them musically, but there are also set repertoire classes (please see the relevant syllabus for details).

Almost all classes are categorised by age rather than level, although there are a few Grade 7/8 classes.

Class ages for instrumental classes are: 7 & under, 9 & under, 11 & under, 13 & under, 15 & under, 18 & under, and Adult.

Details of all string, wind and brass classes, as well as vocal classes, can be found in the new syllabus: